Congratulations for excellent attendance!

Congratulations to over 140 pupils at Aston Tower who came to school every day last term and so achieved 100% attendance. As a reward they were given a book and a certificate to mark this great achievement. As there were so many children, we were unable to get them all in this picture and so we have taken a photograph of all the attendance winners from the three best attending classes of the week.

Shabana Mahmood, MP, meets with School Council

School councillors interviewed local MP, Shabana Mahmood about her work as part of their learning about the importance of democracy. Shabana commented that their questions made her think really hard! She felt that they asked very thoughtful questions. Shabana talked about the importance of school and said that it ‘helps you find your uniqueness’, ‘is to be fun and helps you become special’. School Council agrees with that view and we feel that this is what our amazing school does every day.

School Council at the Council House

Later that day, School Council met the Lord Mayor and had a tour of the Council House and visited the Council Chambers where councillors vote democratically to make decisions.

School Council

Congratulations . . .

All the children that took part in the nominations were an absolute credit to themselves, the school and their classes.

The speeches were fantastic; who knows there may be a future prime minister amongst our pupils!

We now have our school council representatives for this year. Congratulations to the following children, we know that they will do a fantastic job.

                Aaliyah Francis 2D - https://youtu.be/eWJI23sI58c School Council Speech

                Boanerges Beddy 2M - https://youtu.be/9jVoPEXhnNg School Council Speech

                Heba Omer 3M - https://youtu.be/t7j9PUYPndo School Council Speech

                Naffie Bojang 3A - https://youtu.be/PrAkXca7Jvo School Council Speech

                Aminah Begum 4M - https://youtu.be/4fKa48-j5jw School Council Speech

                Sophie Franklin 4J - https://youtu.be/vVDCpOCSub8 School Council Speech

                Zahra Said 5D - https://youtu.be/lQopiBXMNMM School Council Speech

                Ramishah Reema 5P - https://youtu.be/RswSYoVkWak School Council Speech

                Muhammad Abdur-Razzaq 6D - https://youtu.be/E1dCVH_Fof4 School Council Speech

                Nazir Sheikh Ahmed 6K - https://youtu.be/TVUdW4p_RbU School Council Speech

Director of Education meeting our School Council!

Birmingham’s Director of Education,  Colin Diamond recently visited Aston Tower and met with School Council. He was impressed by their maturity, commitment to making the school a better place our work on celebrating British Values through a range of cultures. Mr Diamond has invited our councillors to meet with the Lord Mayor of Birmingham and local councillors at the Council House.

Head Teacher's Message.

Welcome to our website! We hope it will give you an exciting flavour of our school.  At Aston Tower we achieve excellence- this is our mission statement- a message that our pupils wear on their uniform underneath their school badge. Excellence is a feature of our school and something we seek to achieve in everything we do.   For example, inspectors said that the behaviour of our pupils and the way we promote their safety is outstanding. So much of our teaching is outstanding too.   We want our pupils to achieve excellence in all areas of school life to help them lead successful lives as adults.

Our school draws pupils from many different heritage and faith groups. We are proud of our differences and the way we live and work together as a harmonious school community.  As a community school we are at the heart of the area in which we serve. We are proud of our many local partners who help us make a big difference to our pupils’ lives.

Want to know more about our school? Have a good look at our website and even better, get in touch and visit us.

What school inspectors said, about Aston Tower,

‘Pupils achieve well’

‘Teachers’ marking provides excellent support to pupils so that they are very clear about how well they are doing and what they need to do to improve’.

‘Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is excellent. Their outstanding behaviour and excellent attitudes helps them to learn well and make good progress in lessons’,

‘There has been an outstanding improvement to pupils’ achievement in writing.

Jonathan Moore



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