Peer Mediators

Peer mediation is a process where those involved in a disagreement volunteer to discuss the issues and explore how best to take matters forward. It requires them to operate within a whole school ethos, which is itself restorative.

Children and young people can be more comfortable talking to someone their own age who understands their concerns and their perspective. Pupils learn to listen to others’ points of view and to accept differences. Pupils are trained to act as mediators in a dispute without help from teachers. This empowers children and develops their sense of community and co-operation. The school and classroom become more peaceful, allowing more teaching and learning to take place.

Peer mediation takes place in a structured and safe environment with adult supervision nearby and always requires the participation of two peer mediators. There are limits, though, and a peer mediator has to be able to refer to a teacher or member of staff when the situation becomes too complex for them to handle.



Buddies are children from year 3, who try their best to make lunchtimes enjoyable for other children. It is their duty to make sure everyone has someone to play with and have fun at lunchtime. They give ideas and show children how to play new games. They can be found on the Key Stage 1 playground wearing the red caps.